Video/Photo Policy

The Haunt is an intense experience. Character interactions, special effects, sound and lighting special effects are constant while you are inside. All guests are required to continuously walk through each room at a reasonable pace without stopping. Stopping or moving too slowly will disrupt the operations of actors and effects and slow the flow of overall traffic causing groups of people to catch up to each other. In addition, it is very dark inside. If you distract yourself to focus on taking video or photos, you put yourself at risk of potential injury by tripping or otherwise losing track of what you are doing.

We have security cameras running throughout the maze. If you are observed taking photos or video, you will be pulled aside and subject to removal without refund.

Thank you for your cooperation with this important policy. Keep your phones and cameras securely inside your pocket while you are inside The Haunt. You will have a better, more enjoyable experience without the distraction of attempting to film or photograph your visit inside.