What to Expect.

Anyone entering The Haunt in Atascadero does so at their own risk.

The Haunt in Atascadero is a haunt attraction that draws horror fans, thrill seekers, Halloween fanatics and anyone who enjoys a good scare (scare after scare!) twice a year in February and October. Year after year, The Haunt in Atascadero welcomes both repeat and new visitors from all over San Luis Obispo. It is a continuous path through seventeen rooms and side attractions. If you are too scared to finish, any actor will guide you to an emergency exit. Keep in mind, if you exit the haunted house early, there are no refunds.

The actors in the haunted house will not grab or touch you but, they may get very close. Due to the close proximity, it is possible to brush up against sets, actors costumes or props. Guests are also not allowed to touch the actors, sets or props. BE ADVISED: Any Guest touching an actor or prop will be escorted out of the haunted house immediately by security and may be subject to prosecution.

Extreme Scare.

The Haunt in Atascadero is a very scary place. You should NOT enter if you scare easily as this is an intense horror experience. No one under 13 is permitted due to the level of scare. Anyone pregnant, or may be pregnant, has a heart conditions, is prone to epileptic seizures, is claustrophobic, or is generally in poor health should NOT enter The Haunt.

No Refunds.

There are no refunds… even for those who are too scared to enter.

Remember, tickets can be used any time or day that the event is running. Everyone with a ticket in hand and is already in line by 10:00 pm (or 11:00 pm on nights posted as closing at 11:00 pm) will be guaranteed admission to The Haunt. Once there is no one left in line and our external entrance door closes, no more people will be admitted.

Do NOT Bring:

Pets, weapons, drugs, cameras, smoking, vaping, laser pointers, flashlights, beverages, food, bags (backpacks or shopping bags, purses are ok).

Waiting Lines.

Our wait times can vary greatly, depending on the number of guests. The closer we get to Halloween, the wait times tend to increase. To reduce your chances of experiencing longer lines, try to come earlier during October.

For guests who wish to reduce their wait time, we offer VIP Express Admission tickets for $20.00. VIP Express tickets are available online and at our box office. If you already purchased a General Admission ticket, you may upgrade your unused ticket to an VIP Express ticket for $11. If you are already waiting in the General Admission line and later wish you were in the Express Line, we can help! Just return to the box office with your unused ticket and we will upgrade it for $11 each. The Express Line wait is usually quicker, typically 1/3 or less the wait time of the general admission line. On our busiest nights, the express wait could however increase to 30 – 45 minutes.

What to Wear?

Dress in cool comfortable clothing. We do not have air conditioning (it can get warm) or heating. Please no dressing up either for safety reasons. The line queue area often includes actors in character. We wouldn’t want you confused with an actor!

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