FB reviews for our Valentine’s Day Haunt in 2017:

First time going tonight and it was amazing!!! Really well done and scary! Now I can’t wait for Halloween to see what the next one is like!

Here’s the video done by KSBY for the Valentine’s Day Haunt! 



Here’s a Yelp review from our Halloween Haunt in 2016:

A must do for Halloween!! I went with my husband and another couple. They were all going as a favor to me because they all thought it would be cheesy or boring, but after we escaped the asylum they were raving that it was the best date night I’d ever come up with! We were legitimately afraid from start to finish and there were tons of brilliant shocks and surprises through every turn! The actors were amazing and the decor and details were perfectly petrifying. It starts off by a an undead concierge questioning if you REALLY want to enter the Haunt. After you answer his questions (and he mocks you brutally) he sends you through the first door. After that, it’s room after room of actors in exquisite costumes and makeup, either bleeding and begging for help or slowly stalking you through eerie hallways. Several times we ran from ghouls or monsters, only to be shepherded into hallways full of doors, frantically searching for the one that would open! I am a DIEHARD Haunt fan now and cannot wait for the new Haunt this February for Anti-Valentines Day!

FB reviews from 2016:

Every year, these talented and imaginative people never cease to amaze me. I’ve been to Knotts Scary Farm, and this is better. It’s local and inexpensive and scared the s*** out of my teenaged grandsons last year!

Legitimately good show and downright frightening fun. Well thought out and executed theme. I was wary at times and laughing at others!

Amazing job! I couldn’t stop screaming and hanging on to my 11 year old grand daughter who was SO scared but loved every minute!! We’re already planning next visit.

Awesome and freaky time! Great staff – always fun to be jump scared. Thank you, giant spider, and thank you, severed hand, for my nightmares tonight.


2015 San Luis Obispo Tribune article: